A Perfectly Marvelous Place

It's been a while since I've been to Disneyland in the daytime, and I forgot how colorful it is! I usually just go for a half day after work, so by the time I get into the parks- the sun is setting. Even though Disneyland is always colorful and full of life, it doesn't compare to seeing it during the day!  I took a much needed day off of work and headed to the Happiest Place... I'm so glad I brought my camera so that I can share with you all the adorable sights from my visit!



I'm starting to have a thing for cute umbrellas!

Tassels + filigree + pink... I just love it so much!

Oh boy!

Cheaper to take a photo, but sooo cute!

When taking this picture I thought, "what a truly magical place".

Alice's view IRL.

I was obsessed with Minnie as a kid.

If the shoe fits! 

From a shop in New Orleans Square.

Sweet lil carriage.

Lighting up the night.

Dead man's party.

This guy!!