L.A. River

Here are just a few more photos on our way back to the car from our LA River Graffiti Adventure!   And I also wanted to share my new favorite outfit, along with my new favorite top that I found at Free People.

(This is looking up from the river)

My new top from Free People!  It’s my new go to for when I want to feel sexy/cool.   Or, when I want to wear a comfy tee on a Saturday, but also want to look like I tried (hehe).  The color and texture of this top reminds me So much of vintage clothing from the flea market- like an old baseball tee or unique sweatshirt, modified to look more feminine, without being over the top.  Everything about it was perfect; I just had to get it!

This is another awesome pic near the river, it’s amazing the beauty we can see if we just tilt our head back a little.

…And of course some more graffiti- I really, really loved the aqua paint!  The colors of this were actually really inspiring for me.

By far my new favorite outfit: the captain’s hat is Brixton from Captain’s Helm that I bought ages ago.  Free People top, Levi's cut offs from the flea market, and leopard Doc Martens.  Oh, and I can’t forget my bracelet from Outdoor World (random), and my trusty key necklace from yours truly, which you can find on my Etsy shop!  Or at Captain’s Helm in Oceanside, California!

One more for on the road!

Love, Amanda Jonnine


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