L.A. Street Art

Recently my fiancé and I met up with some friends in LA for coffee and lunch.  Before parting ways, one of our friends suggested that we walk down to the LA River for a brief photo adventure.  He said, and I quote “you will not be sorry”.  So, we went exploring a bit before a long drive home, and we found some super fun graffiti!

My fiancé and I have come to really love street art (whether it’s true graffiti, true art, or both!)   I think we both have always appreciated it, but I’m pretty sure those couple of Banksy documentaries is really what sealed the deal for our love.

All of these pics were somewhere in near the LA River.  I really love how vibrant all the paint colors are!

These first two were found near a tunnel- there were other works of art, but these were the ones that caught our eye:

As we walked out of the tunnel, I saw this bird one which I thought was pretty cute:

This next one was fenced in, so I think it was purposely part of the building.  I like the fish, and all the colors were so vibrant, it was amazing!

And this one was our favorite!

Hope you enjoyed!

Love,  AJ

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